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Sun Feb 19

The Walking Dead: “Triggerfinger” Review

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead is stronger than last week’s. While the hour is no less ambitious, “Triggerfinger” still manages to touch base with every major character, while delivering some great character moments along the way.

First off, Lori’s car crash was resolved in this episode; thank God that wasn’t stretched out for multiple episodes. In fact, it’s handled well, showing Lori both capable of defending herself (in an awesome blinking-light-zombie-smashing-his-face-through-the-windshield moment), while also showing Lori willing to accept assistance when necessary. When Shane “rescues” her, tensions mount since he lies about Rick’s safety. “Triggerfinger” is an episode about mistrust, as the suspicions against Shane continue to heighten.

The action at the bar was handled especially well. Through and through, the entire sequence was unbearably tense, from the moments of quiet to the screams of victims being shot. I like the idea of humans vs. humans and it’s really effective here. Seeing that guy’s nose being eaten off by zombies only cemented what’s at stake. Likewise, attempting to get that kid’s leg off the fence was appropriately grisly.

I really grew to like Hershel in this episode. Granted, he’s always been an interesting character, “Triggerfinger” brings out some of his inner traits through action. Seeing Hershel slide a shotgun to Glenn, and then hearing him put Shane in place helps add some much needed character to the elderly farm owner.

Other characters are also fleshed out to lesser degree. For one reason or another, the whole Carol comforting Daryl isn’t holding my interest, and Glenn’s justification to Maggie (“you saying you love me makes me selfish”) is pretty ridiculous.

I also want to mention the conflict with Shane. It’s nice that Lori’s pregnancy is finally known to everybody (Carl, included), and that Shane pours his heart out to Lori. Regardless, it doesn’t excuse his actions, and “Triggerfinger” ends with Lori voicing her concerns to Rick. It’s the beginning of a split in the group, and it seems the writers are making this a focal point. It should be interesting to see how it plays out in the weeks ahead.

I must say, however, that I’m a little confused about everyone’s sudden hatred of Shane. Of course, he has caused plenty of trouble, but I wonder why everyone (chiefly Dale and Lori) suspect him of murdering Otis. Grated, we know that he did back in
“Save the Last One,” it’s still a little strange that anyone would suspect him of it without a legitimate reason. I wonder if this will be addressed going forward.

As mentioned, “Triggerfinger” adds some more depth to
The Walking Dead while providing plenty of great actions sequences. I really enjoyed this one and look forward to next week. What did you think?


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